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This is the Tentrax Overlook. You can check out the Tentrax website for more information, other models and exact specifications at www.tentrax.com.

I first met the owners of Tentrax while on the road in New Mexico. Over the course of months we had many discussions about the perfect overlanding setup. I had been on the road long enough by then to realize what I liked and what I didn’t like about my setup. Working together we created an ideal setup specific to my lifestyle which includes Gold Prospecting, Overlanding, Off-Roading, Hiking and Long Haul Road Trips.

I had looked at other trailer styles including Teardrops and Off-Road Utility Trailers. I liked the idea of the Teardrop but I wasn’t convinced it could go where I wanted to. I liked some of the Off-Road Utility Trailers but I wanted something under a 1,000 lbs. loaded that wouldn’t put a lot of wear and tear on the Jeep. Many of the Off-Road Trailers started at nearly a 1,000 lbs before I even loaded it. When I stumbled upon Tentrax Trailers I realized with a few modifications I could make it work. The owners were more than happy to work with me and design exactly what I wanted.

Tent Closed

Tent Open (The trailer is still able to be opened because of the folding design of my tent)

So what didn’t I like about my old setup with the Jeep and an RTT? Basically it can be broken down to three major issues. The number one thing that pissed me off was when I was staying in one place for a few days. Every single morning I had to climb up on a big ass Jeep and close my RTT (which I love). I then had to put the cover on, which isn’t difficult unless you are 7′ in the air. I’m 6′ 1″ too, so this wasn’t a vertically challenged problem. I also had to pack up all my other gear and secure it in the Jeep. Then when I got back to my campsite I had to set everything up again. I also boondock a lot, so sometimes when I got back…another person had grabbed my site and I had to find a new spot. Now I can leave the trailer and tent set up, hop in the Jeep and drive off adventuring for the day. One very large problem solved.

My second issue was the Jeep was absolutely loaded to the brim with all my gear and so squatted my headlights were making big rig truckers very angry. My Gold Prospecting gear takes up a lot of room and I keep adding more every year. All that gear and the RTT on top gets very heavy. Taking the Jeep anywhere you could really feel all that weight was definitely affecting performance off-road as well as on-road with gas milage and control. It was also a pain the ass to secure all my equipment. No one wants a portable sluice box to the back of the head or through the side window. Now most of my bulky heavy shit is in the trailer and the tent is on top of it. It’s a much quicker and more enjoyable experience hitting the trails or taking a quick run into town for supplies…beer.

The third issue was I couldn’t get to everything. The stuff I used most wasn’t always easily accessible. Everything was in bins piled on top of each other. I’m extremely well organized but it was still a serious clusterfuck and effort to unpile my table, stove, pans, dishes and food to prepare a meal. Now with the slide outs and storage bins on the front of the trailer I have everything right there. I have my stove and utensils in one drawer, washing bins and towels in the other drawer. In my first storage bin I have my pots, pans, stove fuel, and miscellaneous cooking items. In my second storage bin I have all my dry food. I store my beer and other cold items in a cooler on the additional front storage rack. Makes dinner time a lot easier.

Kitchen Slide-Outs

The trailer also incorporates 4 gallons of gas storage and 5 gallons of water storage on the front rack. On the rear bumper I had a road shower installed. I keep it pressurized with the air system on my Jeep. Its quick and easy. It keep me smelling a lot better and its great for doing dishes, cleaning the bear shit I stepped in off my boots or washing the road dust off the trailer and Jeep.

Inside Storage

The trailer has about 45 cu. ft of storage inside plus the storage on the front rack. The trailer weighs around 500 lbs. unloaded. With the tent, my gear, water and gas I estimate its around 800 lbs. depending on how much I’m hauling. Overall size is approximately 5′ wide and the total length including the tongue is about 9′. Very small footprint and still has everything I need.

I’m super happy with the setup so far. I will continue to update this page with some more in use pictures, future upgrades and changes as I use it more.

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