My Jeep

Say hello to Piper….Yes I named my Jeep….Who doesn’t?

About: This is Piper. A 2018 Wrangler JL Sport with a Turbocharged 2.0-Liter 4-Cylinder engine. I kept her clean for about a week after I got her. She hasn’t been clean much since then. I love her….The End.

Upgrades: Its a Jeep, so of course this will be a constantly changing section. I would however like to begin with why I designed my build this way and why I didn’t go with the Rubicon considering I put some Rubicon upgrades on it. 

Why did I decide on this build? I thought about what I would be using the Jeep for the most. I typically don’t use my Jeep for Rock Crawling or Serious Mudding. I use it for travel and overlanding. Do I occasionally run into big rocks and mud? Yep and she does just fine. The majority of my time is spent on moderate off-road trails, the highway and a lot of forestry roads. There was no need for a big lift or ultra large tires. It would have just added extra expense, more wear on maintenance components, less ride comfort and fuel cost. Gasp!!! A Jeeper talking about ride comfort and fuel cost! Listen, I don’t get great gas milage as it is, but when some of your trips are 5,000 miles or more that shit adds up. A gallon saved is a beer in the belly. I’m also getting a little older so when I’m driving 600-800 mile stretches of highway, keeping some ride comfort isn’t a bad thing. 

Why didnt I get the Rubicon? I just couldnt justify the extra expense for the way I use my Jeep. The savings easily funds a lot of extra miles of travel. So on to the upgrades.

Suspension – Rubicon shocks and springs. 

Suspension – Airlift 1000 #60829 adjustable air spring bags.  

Steering – Longer control arms, same ones used in the Rubicon lift kit.

Wheels – American Racing AR 172 Baja Satin Black (17×9 with -12 offset)

Lug Nuts – Gorilla Black Spline 5 Lug 14 – 1.5

Tires – BFG All Terrain T/A KO2 285/75R17

Roof Rack – Rhino Rack Backbone with Black 3 Heavy Duty Bar System

Always more to come because a Jeep is never done. I also have a whole section of my favorite gear inside the Jeep. You can check that out in the Recommended Vehicle and Jeep Gear section in the menu.

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