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I’ve spent a lot of time and money on equipment and gear that didn’t work well, didn’t hold up or I just didn’t need. I try to travel like I live. Simply and without a lot of clutter. I always research my stuff to the extreme because I want it to last and be practical. I only recommend something when I own, love and use it. I won’t recommend shit just to get paid. These recommendations are made not just to make advertising revenue but to share with you my experience and save you some time and money. That said I do use the revenue to fund this site, my raging beer habit and traveling. Please read the “Important” legal notice below then scroll through for cool stuff.

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Hi-Lift Jack HL485 48″ Hi-Lift Red All Cast Jack

Overlanding essential. So many uses. Get high centered, got a flat? Need to climb under the vehicle and see what you fucked up after telling your buddy “Watch this shit!”. This is your answer. It can even work as a winch. I’m going to drag this heavy ass monstrosity down to the creek on my gold claim to break boulders free this year. The gold is under the boulders! This is also the brand to get. It’s the best for a reason. Reliability and durability under extreme conditions. Click on pic to view more info or purchase on Amazon.

Hi-Lift Jack HK-B Black Handle-Keeper

This is a must have accessory to your Hi-Lift Jack. Unless you want to listen to your handle rattle 24-7 while you are driving. My Jeep makes enough strange sounds as it is and the radio doesn’t go loud enough to drown out the handle rattling. Whether your jack is mounted inside or outside your vehicle this is a good idea. It also comes in black and red to please your aesthetic preference. Click on pic to view more info or purchase on Amazon.

Hi-Lift ORB Off- Road Base Accessory Jack

This isn’t a necessity but if you’re off-roading a lot it will probably come in handy. I also think from a safety standpoint it just makes sense. The base will help provide better stability on soft or hard ground. It also has serrated edge to scrape the ground for a leveler stance. I use mine prospecting on the soft creek gravels to break loose boulders. Click on pic to view more info or purchase on Amazon.

Best Jeep JL Wrangler Hi-Lift Jack Mount kit Accessory Bars Combo Package (Jeep JL Only)(4-Door ONLY)

There are a number of options available to mount a Hi-Lift Jack. This is specific to my Jeep JL but the company offers this for other models. You can also get this with or without the accessory bar. I happened to want a shovel and ax so it was a no brainer for me. I love this set up. I like the inside placement because it’s not exposed to elements or theft. I also feel secure about where it’s located if I’m in an accident. I didn’t like the hood mounted ones at all. Picturing a 40 lb cast iron object 3 feet away from my face didn’t seem like a great idea. Install was easy. Little trimming of roll bar panels if you want to get fancy. Not necessary but I did it. Click on pic to view more info or purchase on Amazon.

VIAIR 300P Portable Compressor – 30033

Another overlanding, off-road or remote area travel necessity. Great for airing up and down for different off-road conditions. This is a high quality compressor that will make quick work of most anything you will need. Comes with two battery clamps to get power, making it portable. I am actually going to hardwire mine with plugs so I can have it ready to go with flip of switch or unplug it and reconnect battery clamps to go back to portable. Best of both worlds. Click on pic to view more info or purchase on Amazon.

Hooke Road Interior Rear Cargo Basket Rack Solid Metal Luggage Storage Carrier

This thing is way overbuilt. It’s heavy and a bit pricy. They make models for Jeep JK and JL. It also makes the hardtop more difficult to remove. All that said, if I didn’t have this in my Jeep my organization would be cut in half. It would actually be a complete clusterfuck without it. I love the extra space and organization it gives me. I store all my clothing bags, towels, personal items and toiletries in this. Keeps everything all nice and organized while leaving me all the space below it. The cargo netting ensures stuff won’t fly around or slide off. Click on pic to view more info or purchase on Amazon.

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