I’ve spent a lot of time and money on equipment and gear that didn’t work well, didn’t hold up or I just didn’t need. I try to travel like I live. Simply and without a lot of clutter. I always research my stuff to the extreme because I want it to last and be practical. I only recommend something when I own, love and use it. I won’t recommend shit just to get paid. These recommendations are made not just to make advertising revenue but to share with you my experience and save you some time and money. That said I do use the revenue to fund this site, my raging beer habit and traveling. Please read the “Important” legal notice below then scroll through for cool stuff.

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Gas ONE GS-3900P

This thing is a beast. It will burn your Spaghettios to the bottom of the pan in no time. You can use propane or butane. I typically just use propane. The little canisters are readily available on the road. I do recommend the wind shield too. I run into enough wind to make it worth while. I also think one urner is fine. It takes ups less space and I could never fit two pans on any of the two burner stoves. Click on pic to view more info or purchase on Amazon.

Stansport Heavy Duty 7-Piece Stainless Steel Clad Cookware Set

This set is not for backpacking. Its heavy-duty. It’s a buy once set and you are done. It nests into itself to save space. For overland trips or a trailer setup there is nothing more you will need. The only drawback with it is the handle. It comes with just one and it’s just a tiny bit floppy when attached. It’s definitely not going to break or come loose though. The convenience of having one handle for all pots and space savings makes up for that little nuisance. I believe you can also purchase a second handle separately. Click on pic to view more info or purchase on Amazon.

HOMWE Kitchen Cutting Board (3-Piece Set)

This is a great little cutting board set. It’s not expensive. They are light, sturdy and perfectly sized for most of the things I need a cutting board for. I only carry the medium size for meat and the small size for cheese or veggies. I just leave the big one at home as a backup for when one gets too beat up. Click on pic to view more info or purchase on Amazon.

Vremi 5 Quart Collapsible Colander 

I’m a huge fan of carbs on the road. I’m always craving some serious food after a day of hiking or digging all day for $20 worth of gold. Spaghetti or Mac and Cheese….Yes please. Space is always a concern on the road. This is silicone and collapses. Takes up very little space. Perfect for your kitchen box or trailer. It just works. Click on pic to view more info or purchase on Amazon.

Collapsible Measuring Cups and Spoons Set, 8 piece

I like collapsable and silicone stuff. Saves space. Silicone doesn’t rust, holds up well and cleans easy. I am also not one of those people that estimates the amount of water, milk or spices that the directions call for. I just can’t do it. It’s a serious character flaw but I’m to old to change now. This set makes me feel better knowing I have the precise measurement. Click on pic to view more info or purchase on Amazon.

Prepworks by Progressive Collapsible Portable Wash Basin Dishpan

Another collapsable item. These collapse to 1/3 their size. Space is always tight. I have two of these. I use one of them to wash dishes. I use the other to carry stuff or soak my feet in epson salts while burning incense and listening to the sounds of nature. But seriously these work well for a multitude of purposes. The end. Click on pic to view more info or purchase on Amazon.

StarPack Basics Silicone Kitchen Tongs 9-Inch – Stainless Steel with Non-Stick Silicone Tips

Stainless and silicone. No rust and heat resistant. good length so you’re not burning your fingers. I don’t believe you have to have a ton of utensils to cook on the road. This however is an essential one. I hate using a fork on a nice juicy brat or steak. Letting all the juices out before your meat has properly rested and you are ready to eat is almost criminal. Don’t be a criminal. Click on pic to view more info or purchase on Amazon.

StarPack Basics Range Silicone

This set has the basic utensils needed when you are camping. Silicone and heat resistant to 480 degrees. They work for pretty much everything I need. In fact I have a second set I use a home. Click on pic to view more info or purchase on Amazon.

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