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Oh Hey, It’s me.

Who I am:

My name is Jeff Wolf. Yes….like the animal….go ahead, howl and ask me if I tend to think of myself as a one man wolf pack. Short answer….Yes. I’m currently living in Western New York. I’m a Jeeper, traveler, overlander, gold miner and adventure seeker.

Most people find me to have a bit of sarcastic sense of humor. I don’t have a filter all the time and can be a bit of a potty mouth. Finding a medium for me is a constant struggle. I’m either going full steam ahead or sitting on my ass. I can’t stand when things don’t match, hate clutter and have some serious OCD tendencies.

I have a serious passion for finding the middle of nowhere, good food and lots of beer. I love meeting interesting people and hearing the story they have to share. I’m learning to live a simpler life, a life that focuses on making more time for personal growth, adventure and meaningful experiences. 

What I do:

I am currently solo traveling as often as I am financially able, while keeping a small apartment as a home base to return to. I’ll travel anywhere my Jeep, a plane, a boat or a donkey will take me. My Jeep is always my preferred method of travel.

I prospect for gold on a claim in Northern California. I climb mountains, hike trails, drive down dirt roads and boondock in the middle of nowhere. I visit small towns and big cities. I camp in deserts, mountains and plains. I sleep in rest stops, Walmart and Cracker Barrel parking lots on the road. I meet interesting people, try new foods and party with the locals.

I release baby sea turtles, swim in bioluminescent lagoons and bathe in ball shriveling mountain streams. I drive through mud, sand, rocks, rain and snow. I drink $1 Coronas in Mexico, fail at surfing, sled down sand dunes, explore caves and whatever else piques my interest on the road.

How I do It:

I have a Jeep and a roof top tent. A small off-road capable trailer is currently in the works. This is how I like to travel. I boondock as often as I’m able. I don’t eat out everyday. If I’m traveling somewhere my Jeep can’t go then I typically stay in Airbnb’s, smaller hotels and the occasional hostel. I tend to stay in local areas rather than touristy locations even if it takes me a little longer to get around. I tend to eat where the locals eat.

When I’m home I live simply. I have a small apartment and will never again want for anything bigger. A tiny home may be in my future. I try not to own a lot of stuff . I like the the stuff I do own to be nice, but I’ve realized I don’t need much. It’s definitely still a work in progress. Living and traveling like this helps me to have the finances and time to travel more. It allows me to have that local specialty meal. It allows me to take a boat tour, grab a surf lesson or attempt to try every craft beer at a local brewery when I’m traveling.

As for finances? I currently own a rental property….that I live in. I also have some savings and investments from the sale of a small business. I will be taking a break for most of 2020 to travel and explore. I will also be researching alternative sources of income including this website and a few other travel related ideas. 

Why I do it:

My original draft of this section was much longer. However after reading it I realized it boiled down to three simple words….I WASN’T HAPPY. I was spending too much time doing the things I didn’t want to do and not enough time doing the things I did. So I made some changes. It’s obviously a bit more complicated than that, but I think that story will come out in the blog. One final note as to why I do this website. I think it’s as much for myself as it is to inspire others or try to create extra income doing what I love. This is my outlet, not only to share my thoughts and travels with you but a place I can use to remind myself of the lessons I’ve learned and be thankful for the experiences I’ve had.

At the Gold Claim. Shaving optional.

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